Thursday, May 18, 2017

Graham plays t-ball!

Graham loved playing t-ball on Saturdays at church!  We had lots of fun friends on our team, and he really learned the game.  He's now obsessed and is always asking to watch the Astros.  He and Bennett play in the backyard most afternoons, and Graham always asks to be a different Astros player!

Ready for his first game!

Bennett had to have baseball pants like Bubba!

So excited to play with Grace!

Ready to field!  He loved having Daddy as one of his coaches!

He got to pick where we ate lunch after his first game.  His choice was Luby's!

Snacks were always important to keep the little siblings occupied!

Graham and Grace!

Bennett laying down in the outfield

Don't mind him!

Ready to bat!

Big swing!

B and James!

Mimi and Grampy were in town one weekend for a game!

G's cheering section!

Getting his trophy and pictures on Saturday!

So proud of him!

And Bennett was upset that he didn't get a trophy like Bubba!

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  1. So fun for Graham. It is so cute that he and Bennett play in the backyard everyday. That is funny that he asks to be a different Astros player every time. Looks like lots of baseball in your future. Looks like such a big boy standing at the plate ready to bat.