Sunday, September 24, 2017

Graham is 5!!

Graham turned 5 on August 31st!  How s my oldest 5 years old?!  He'll always be my baby.  And he's definitely a Mama's boy, and I'm totally happy with that!  His birthday wasn't exactly how we had planned thanks to Hurricane Harvey, but we made the best of it and got to celebrate our big boy over and over!

Letting me hold him like a baby!  All 44 pounds of him!

Birthday donuts!

And presents!
I hadn't wrapped anything, but I was able to hide it all in the car when we loaded up on Tuesday morning to leave.

We went to a fun play place in Marble Falls that morning!

Parker, the squish!

Cuddle time with my big boy!

Birthday dinner at Chilis!
We were supposed to go to the Astros game that night, but thankfully we never told the boys.  It was going to be a surprise.  We got to make it up this past Friday!

Bennett is just there for the cake!

The next weekend we celebrated in Waco with Nana and Bop!

And then on Friday, September 15th, we got to celebrate at school!
I got to bring cookies to his class, and then Graham left early with us for the day!

Me and my big boy!  Acting shy and reserved!

Oh and don't worry, Spiderman made an appearance too!

And Graham's present for the weekend - we got to bring Rosie, the class pet, home!

A few fun facts about Graham at 5!
Weight: 44 lbs 73%
Height: 46 1/4 in 97%

Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite foods: pancakes and milk
Favorite book: the Bible
Favorite friends to play with: Grace and Wyatt
Favorite toys: Thomas trains
Favorite show: Mighty Machines
Favorite movie: Cars 3
Favorite baseball player: Jose Altuve
Favorite song: Jesus Loves Me
Favorite thing to do: build legos, play with trains
Favorite trips this summer: Legoland and Colorado
Favorite ice cream: chocolate
Favorite superhero: Batman

Happy 5 Graham!!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Hurricane Harvey

Well we survived Hurricane Harvey.  Recovery efforts are still on going all cross our city.  Our normal drives everyday takes us by flooded houses and debris still on the curbs.  

This was the forecast, and we knew we would get a lot of rain, but nobody could have predicated how bad it actually was.  Harvey just sat on top of us and kept dumping rain.

I made a few last minute stops on Wednesday evening.  Specs was high on the priority list!

And then to Randalls for a few last essentials.  Thankfully I had made big runs to HEB and Costco earlier that week.  This was the water aisle at Randalls, but they had tons of water out on pallets all around the store.

On Thursday, we went to the trampoline place with Stephanie and Joanna.  Everybody was talking about the storm and if was really going to be bad.  

My sweet cuddle bug fell asleep!

We missed G that day, but we were glad to play with friends!

Building trains after school on Thursday, and then we got the announcement that it was canceled on Friday and Monday.  Trent and I both said we thought they were overreacting.

We went to dinner at Yard House that night, getting out of the house while we could!  Bennett decided to drink his ice cream!

Lots of play time!

And B was always willing to sing and dance!

I found this on my phone...G took it of B with the school chalkboard!  Ha!

It rained most of the day on Friday but nothing too bad.  We went to Escalantes for dinner that night and saw tons of friends there.  

We went for a quick walk on Saturday when the rain let up a little bit.

Up during the night watching the radar.

Lots of movies.

Our street didn't even get close to flooding, thankfully.

Coming back from a quick walk on Sunday during a short break in the rain.

Lots of games.

Playing in the mud.

Grilling in the rain

Lots of cuddles!

B and G slept in our room on Saturday and Sunday nights, and they loved that!  

Crazy bed head

Lots of arts and crafts

More movies

The Beltway right by our house.

I sent my family pictures of our street every morning to show we were still doing good!

The Whitbys came over for dinner on Monday evening since they just live a street over.  It was a nice change of scenery for all of us!  Will and Parker had fun laughing at each other!

But then we woke up on Tuesday morning to continuing rain and the news that the city was going to release water from the reservoirs.  They kept mentioning it was going to affect the "I-10/Beltway 8 Corridor" which is exactly where we live.  We were worried more highways would be closed and we wouldn't be able to get out of town at all.  So we packed and loaded up in about an hour and hit the road.

All 3 boys are back there somewhere!

We stopped at Whataburger in Brenham and ran into some friends from church who were also leaving.

We were excited to get to Marble Falls and have sunshine and a swimming pool!

On Friday morning we went to the ranch for opening weekend of dove season, just like we had originally planned on doing anyways.

Birthday presents for both boys!

And the day G had been waiting for...Trent had told him he could shoot his BB gun when he turned 5.  He was so excited!  And he actually shot some cans down!

Uncle Todd was there from Colorado, and he got to meet Parker!

We tried to go fishing on Saturday morning, but the boat was having issues.

Loving his new legos!

And the makeshift swimming pool!

Cutest camo boy!

Ready to cheer for our Bears!

Family ride on the mule.  Michelangelo even came along!

Parker loved driving too!

More swimming!

We drove back to Marble Falls on Sunday afternoon.  The boys swam and ate an early dinner while I made an HEB run.  And I even ran into Stephanie there before they headed home too!

We were loaded!

We got home late Sunday evening and were glad to be home.