Thursday, July 13, 2017


Our family vacation this summer was to Breckenridge, Colorado!  We were so excited to be in the mountains and enjoy the beautiful scenery and some cooler weather.

The boys were plenty excited about riding on the airplane!

Party row!

Parker did great!  He ate and slept.  The lady next to me asked if I'd given him Benadryl because he was so calm.  But nope, that's just him!

Arrived in Denver and ready to go!

My dinner view...Parker and the mountains!

Ice cream and a playground after dinner.

Walking back to our condo.  We stayed a block off Main Street, and it was perfect.

Riding the gondola to the top of the mountain on Thursday morning.

Parker napped while the boys played!

Hanging out at the condo that afternoon.
Our only hiccup on our trip was that Bennett got sick from the altitude.  He threw up once, but then an hour later he was back to normal and acting great again, thankfully!

Fishing on Friday morning on Lake Dillon!

It was gorgeous!

Graham mastered his open faced fishing rod, and he even caught some fish!  He LOVED it!

Bennett caught one too!

Sweet Parker was not a fan of his life jacket!

We gave Bennett dramamine that morning, and he napped for an hour on the boat!

That night we rode a chuckwagon to a campground for a BBQ dinner and a cowboy show.
The boys will tell you this was their favorite thing to do!  They are now constantly playing the sheriff and the bad guy from the show!

They loved the warm apple cobbler!

Not a bad view for my morning coffee!

On Saturday morning we made the short drive to Keystone.  It was the cutest little town!  We played more mini golf, played at a playground, had a snack, and explored Main Street.

Trent took Graham hiking during nap time that afternoon.  He wasn't a big fan!

Swimming at our condo pool before dinner.

Dinner at The Canteen that night.  Photo by Graham!

On Saturday morning we drove to Buena Vista to meet up with Trent's grandparents.  It was a good halfway point for us to meet up while they're in Colorado for the summer.

Parker got to swing for the first time!

Snack break with PawPaw.

The McVeys with their 3 great grandsons!

Group pic!

Trent and I had a good laugh at this...The Al-Mart in Alma, Colorado!

That evening we rode the shuttle to another condo that we could go to for their amenities.  The boys loved their kiddie pool, we ate dinner, and then bowled!  It was the perfect last night on vacation!

The new way to bowl!

Monday morning pics in front of our condo building!  We loved staying here! 

We walked into town to get souvenirs, eat a cookie, and play at the playground!

Vacation is exhausting!  Poor thing, we had to wake him up to carry him through security.

Back at the Denver airport

My travel buddy.  Attached to me the whole trip!  He's at such a good age to be able to wear him.

Ring pops for the win!

So many sweet family memories were made!  We can't wait to go back!

And some cute pics of my boys!  How are they so big?!  They are so fun to travel with and experience new things, but traveling with small kids is no joke!  But i wouldn't trade it for the world!

Man, he's too big.  How's he about to be 5?!

And our perfect little traveler!

Home sweet home! 

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  1. The pictures told a wonderful story. It seems like y'all had a wonderful time and did so many fun things! Loved your view at dinner of Parker and the mountains. Three sweet boys to go and do so many things. Sweet pictures of Parker riding in the pouch. So many great memories for your sweet family.